Hello Friend!

My name is Bethany Handfield and I am an Okanagan artist and teacher who primarily works with a variety of mixed media and encaustic. I love to use found objects and up-cycled materials in my work as a way to reclaim the discarded and give new life to the forgotten.

I am passionate about creating art dolls and assemblage sculptures. There is such a thrill to bringing a creation to "life" and sharing them with the world. 

I also love painting with wax and using it to collage, create depth and texture. It is the perfect medium for artists who love experimentation.

Come visit me at Little Long Studios, my home gallery with a group of amazing artists, where I also teach. I am a founding member of CanwaxWest and also belong to the South Okanagan Ripoff Artists and the Assembly of Doll Makers.

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic is method of painting where pigmented beeswax is applied to a substrate using a heat source. Through my Exploring Encaustic series of art classes I guide students on their creative journey with a focus on safety and fun. Having worked with encaustic for 10+ years students can be confident in my instruction and gaining a solid foundation in this medium. 

Bethany Handfield 2018 CV

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Artist Statement

I view painting as a form of meditation, a place to commune with spirit, and a gift that should be shared with and available to all. My work often includes themes on the degradation of nature, the mystery of future worlds, and the joy of whimsy.

Favorite Themes 

Creepy Cute, Whimsical Nature, and Bright Innocence.