New Year - New Me

Happy 2019!  

Buffalove edit.jpg

A little late I know, but I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I am still here, I am still creating, and I am still excited to share my love of creativity with you.

This is the first time in five years that I don't have work in the gallery, have no scheduled classes, and am not trying to promote anything beyond my own creations. 

Is there anything more exciting than a blank slate?
The possibilities are endless...

I hope you will join me on this new year of discovery and creation.

As well as catching up with me, the newsletter will be a sharing tool for free classes I discover, inspiring artists, and  so much more that sparks the creative fire. 

If you decide this is not for you, you were just here for the encaustic, or what have you, no hard feelings ❤️ Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated. 

One last thing...With all of the big changes the past year has brought, I have had to process, and be okay with, a few realities I'd like to share:

Not everyone will like my work or my vision:This is totally okay! I am an amazing and unique artist that was plopped down into this world to share my awesomeness. (The same goes for YOU!) Not everyone will get me. My work may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that is why we have so many different kinds of tea in the world. I am grateful to everyone who loves and supports the work that I do.

Always go for "IT" (even if it is really ugly):This was a tough one. I really loved the work I was creating up until about 2014. Then things got weird. Being the public face of my own company and a not-for-profit felt completely at odds with my artistic process. I thought I should be painting a certain way and only creating with certain materials. It got into my head, my confidence, and started messing with my process. After leaving expectations behind, my brain is finally starting to loosen up. The flow* is coming back on!(*The flow is something I will get to in a another post, but just think of it as that amazing place you get to when everything is going right while creating a project.)

Show your work when YOU are ready: Have you found yourself only creating when there was a deadline or you had committed to a show? Have you ever just grabbed any old thing so you could be part of a show? This was me for the past few years. This is me no longer. Not all the shows I put my art into were right for my style of work or the right place for my people to find me. There is nothing wrong with being selective about where you show your work or even if you show your work at all. 

You can't do everything (A True Story)
: So after five years of working full time at a not-for-profit for abused women and children, running an online national art supply business, mounting large scale art projects, teaching art classes, creating work for shows, sending out newsletters, updating websites and social media, belonging on up to three boards and several art groups, oh and trying to have a personal life, I did finally come to the conclusion that I may not be able to do it all. Everything was getting done, but not all of it very well.  So I don't do that anymore. 

Above and beyond everything else, please take it from me, and learn to be careful and gentle with yourself.

We are all here on this planet for a finite time - let's fill those days with things that make us truly happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Happy Creating!

xoxo Bethany