What to do when you are blue... / by Bethany Handfield

I was feeling exceptionally blue this weekend. Being under the weather and not able to go out (this of course being the weekend of exceptional fancy dress parties) energy was low it felt there was not much to raise my spirits up.  

Then I remembered a book I had checked out from the library, Lynda Barry's  "Picture This", and everything changed (as it is wont to do when anything Lynda Barry is around).  As I was reading the pages and taking in the encouragement to just try it out. "Copy, paste, cut & color. No expectation. Why do we "Art"? Why do we start drawing? Why do we stop?" All of these questions floating around amidst Lynda's doodle creatures + Arna & Marlys of course.  If you don't know about Lynda please be sure to check her out. You would never be sorry for doing so. 

So I did that. I doodled with no expectation. I drew with no idea of outcome. No forward thinking that the results would be for sale or in an exhibition. I just drew for - wait for it - the FUN of it. And with that I realized why I had been feeling so disconnect from drawing and creating lately. Why that rain barrel project meant so much to me. When was the last time I created for the sake of creation - not for a gallery show, demos or art class. Just for me.

I am not going to lie, I was still a little blue. I hate missing dress up parties. But I was very happy to reminded of why I starting doing any of this in the first place. Because it is fun to draw. It is fun to bring people and creatures from the recesses of my mind and into the light. If you like them too that is a bonus. If not, that is okay too. That is not why I was doing it.

So I am setting a challenge to myself - draw a little everyday. Even if you don't feel like it. Especially when you don't feel like it. No matter what the mood. It is a good exercise in re-connection to that childhood place of letting go and creating just for something to do.