My North Carolina Journey Part 2: Family Fun

One of the greatest gifts of this journey to the south was travelling with my parents. It really seemed to strange that here we were 40 odd years later - back to the place where I was born - a place I had no sense memory of and where they had also not returned. Seeing everything though their eyes made my sense of connection to the place stronger as I heard their remembrances of our family history. We were joined by their neighbors from Kaleden, the Belliveaus. 

I got to see a white squirrel, sleep in an rv (my first time), eat a biscuit that was bigger than my dad's fist, eat lots of bbq, go on a train ride, and visit the place of my baptism (no I didn't catch on fire).

I was really impressed with the Folk Art Center that is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville.  There was a great selection of historical and modern works.

Another neat stop was at the Bob Timberlake Gallery in Lexington. My parents had prints of his work on the walls of our family home. I was quite shocked when we went to his massive gallery and shop and I found out how famous and well known he was. The gallery was extremely impressive and more like a rich person's home than a shop.

The paintings to the left are the ones my parents have prints of. When I was little I thought the one with the house and quilt was a photograph and remember being shocked when I discovered it was a painting. I couldn't imagine that someone could paint something that detailed. It really kind of blew my little mind. 

On a sad note, my dearest cat Lexington "Pigglesworth" McSqueeker passed away while I was away. She was a very sweet cat and taught us many lessons of patience and being open to the surprises of life. She was with us for a short time, but we are grateful for every moment we were able to spend with her.