Teachers Collage.jpg


I have been so blessed on my artistic journey with all of the amazing and talented teachers who have inspired and mentored me over the years.

My encausitc journey started in 2006 with a class with Thea Haubrich, who was instrumental in bringing encaustic to Canada and spreading the word about it. She was a teacher, mentor, and friend who gave so generously of herself to all that had the desire to learn.

Linda Robertson and Shary Bartlett have been powerful guides on my path both as teachers and mentors. When Thea passed away in 2013 I was forever grateful for their support as I stepped into teaching. They are both shining stars of creative passion.

I give thanks to Andrea Bird, Angela Hansen, Daniella Woolf, Lora Murphy, Tracy Proctor, Michelle Belto, Michael Bossom, and Anna Maria Aigner who have all been so instructive in my encaustic education over the past 10+ years.

Thank you to Jesse Reno, Kalsang Dawa, Carla Sonheim, and Tamara Laporte for mixed media guidance. Jesse is a shaman of creativity and opened a portal in my mind that I am forever grateful for. Kalsang taught me to really think about why I was painting while making my own paints.

To all of my encaustic friends, the ladies of CanwaxWest, and to my students - I have learned more from all of you than I could ever repay. You inspire and delight me with your love of encaustic and mixed media.